The Fitness Leaders Alliance provides ongoing fitness education and resources to improve best practices, processes and profitability for owners of boutique studios to mid-size fitness facilities.


Our role as an organization is to support and elevate fitness professionals so they can master their craft, as well as build and grow businesses that impact more lives. When fitness professionals are personally and professionally fulfilled by their work they become more influential leaders and have a massive effect on those they serve.

We provide education, coaching, and training that is practical and proven in the areas of exercise, nutrition, business marketing, professional development, and leadership. We also help provide opportunities for fitness professionals connect and collaborate. After all…that’s how the Fitness Leaders Alliance was born.


The Fitness Leaders Story


It is no surprise Fitness Business owners share common pains and woes associated with their businesses. Working in the fitness industry since 1988 and owning Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio since 2001, Dwayne Wimmer understood this first hand. Through numerous conversations with fellow professionals, Wimmer discovered the ability to attract, recruit, and train reliable and quality personal trainers to work on their staffs is one of the biggest challenges they faced collectively. Prospective trainers are not coming out of schools and certifications prepared to work in the field. It is a significant up front investment to train and educate even college graduates with degrees in the field. Worse, industry-wide, dangerous practices (with plenty of accompanying court cases) and fitness trends resembling “exertainment” have become the norm providing the average consumer with a poor service or worse. Dwayne realized that there is a bigger opportunity to train and provide education for trainers and business owners which they have not been getting adequately from schools and certifications for the last 30 years or so as well as lacking any professional skills to make themselves successful. 

Dwayne has been involved in training in, managing, and owning fitness businesses for over 30 years. He had know about the I.A.R.T program for years and knew it would be a good educational foundation for any organization. He then began to formulate a plan to implement an organization that would deliver education and training that would adhere to science and principles and work to establish industry standards and professional business practices. Over the years Dwayne has consumed masses of this information and now currently give back and provide education and training for the health and fitness industry.

The educational resources from the I.A.R.T. along with the plan and training systems from Vertex Fitness make up the foundation of what is offered. The collaboration between their respective companies and resources became

The Fitness Leaders Alliance. An international organization dedicated to furthering the education of fitness professionals and the public. Within the Alliance exists:

The Fitness Leaders Academy – Membership with a one time fee and lifetime access to all of the materials in the fitness library. It’s a focus only on advanced educational materials in many mediums at a self-guided pace without testing like a certification or course.

The Fitness Leaders Summit – An annual conference for taking this high level technical info and making it practical and successful within a legitimate business model.

The Fitness Leaders University (future) – A specialty school for fitness professionals similar to what massage therapists must go through. A much longer high level curriculum dedicated to both thorough technical education as well as business management skills to practically apply it in the field and be successful. The curriculum will be taught with an emphasis on evidence and science based information.

Aspiring fitness professionals will come away with a much better philosophical and practical understanding as well as professional stance. The goal is to have them start to be viewed how other allied health professionals are viewed now.

We ask that you connect and stay in contact with us. If you find our information interesting, please share with your friends in the industry and we look forward to working with you in the future.


The Founders Bios

Dwayne Wimmer, President/CEO/CFO

Dwayne Wimmer founded Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio in 2001, excited to bring a new concept about personal training to the people of Philadelphia’s Main Line in Pennsylvania. Driven by knowledge and results both, while a strength coach at Villanova University, he worked closely with world class athletes such as Brian Westbrook, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, on strength training and conditioning for optimal performance. Dwayne’s client base extends much further than world class athletes. Along with athletes, he works with adolescents to seniors, and he’s a highly acclaimed and sought out personal trainer who has received numerous awards, such as Best of the Main Line Personal Training Studio and Best Main Line Personal Trainer.

Through efforts and a driving passion to bring the “professional” to the fitness industry, Dwayne co-founded the Fitness Leaders Alliance in 2013, which is an organization dedicated to the training of more highly qualified personal trainers. Its focus is on ethical business practices, scientifically proven methods, and the realization that continuous learning is important in the fitness industry.

A graduate of Missouri Western State University, Dwayne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, with an emphasis in Coaching. Aside from personal training, he’s spent time as a physical education teacher, strength and conditioning coach, and a football coach, but has found his passion and home in the fitness industry, inspiring and reaching out to others. As a strong believer in continuing to learn, Dwayne has also taken classes at East Stroudsburg University toward a Masters Degree in Sports Management.

Since June of 2013, Dwayne has co-hosted the podcast, “The Fitness Professional Show.” This provides a wonderful platform to help with his goals of creating a more professional fitness industry. And now, he can add author to his list of accomplishments, having created a chapter in the upcoming book The Soul of Success with Jack Canfield, renowned for the Chicken Soup series.

To get to the point where he is now, Dwayne has always been thankful for the support of his father, a man who always believed in his mission and saw the need for what it was that Dwayne envisioned. During his free time, Dwayne is an avid motorcyclist who enjoys viewing the amazing landscapes and finding good restaurants to enjoy that are off the beaten path. He also takes advantage of opportunities to travel and experience many other cities while attending fitness seminars and giving presentations about the industry he is so passionate about. As a way to give back to the community that has been a part of his entire life, Dwayne has created Vertex Fitness PUMPED (People United Making Progress through Education and Donations), which provides support to area non-profits through a community-wide outreach effort. At this time, they help three non-profits per year in the Philadelphia area.

For more information from Dwayne, you may contact him at (610) 525-6604, dwayne@FitnessLeadersAlliance, also visit