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November 7th & 8th


Swan & Dolphin Walt Disney World

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Agenda • Speakers • Presentations

Speakers & Presentations

 Darin Adams SM

Darin Adams

“Fitness Business Marketing”

As a fitness leader, you know crunches, calories and cardio. The problem is that in order to be a successful business, you need to know marketing, sales, and campaigns. Thanks to new technology, you can concentrate on your strengths and let automated marketing take care of the ‘Attract, Sell, Wow” that will make you successful.

Learn how to attract new customers and offer them something that will be specific to what they want.

Discover why “closing the deal” is the least important aspect of making a sale.

Find out what you can do to impress customers and get them to turn into walking referrals for you.

The best part is that, while marketing and sales can be overwhelming, it can be automated so you set it up once and it runs itself.

Luke Carlson Head Shot SM

Luke Carlson
“How to Build and Structure a Successful Fitness Business”

This presentation will focus on how to implement the leadership and management tools that build an enduringly great business

  • Attendees will learn how to define, clarify, and share a shared vision throughout the organization
  • Attendees will learn how to create an organizational structure that creates clarity and accountability and sets the stage for organizational growth.
  • Attendees will learn the system for prioritizing and creating focus among departments and employees and ultimately achieving quarterly objectives.
  • Attendees will learn how to create a Hiring System to Attract, Interview, Hire, and Train for Culture

Joe Cirulli Head Shot SM

Joe Cirulli
“Building your Brand Through Culture”

There is a path to accomplishing a great brand. Once understood it becomes the foundation for building a powerful company. In this presentation Joe will not only discuss what he learned about that path but how he got an entire organization moving forward on it. You’ll learn:

  • Why building a strong culture is the only true differentiator in business today
  • How to define your vision, mission, core values and core purpose and why it’s so important
  • There is a process to hiring a great team
  • And finally how to create your own future

Casey Conrad Head Shot SM

Casey Conrad
“More Sales, More Revenue, More Success”

Like it or not, a critical aspect of any business is sales and revenue generation.  The key is finding strategies and tools that will make the process more enjoyable and more successful.  In this session we will simplify the revenue generation game by giving you three specific categories to focus on and provide you will a checklist of options to make execution easier.  In addition we will share with you 6 secret strategies for increasing sales in your business.  Most importantly we’ll have some fun in the process. 

Brent Darden Head Shot SM

Brent Darden
“The Magnetic Member Experience”

  • Discuss how to create a service driven culture
  • Discover a strategic framework for delivering memorable member experience
  • Learn keys to building member loyalty
  • Review proven customer service training ideas
  • Explore the value of evaluation and  feedback

HeadShot SM2

James Fisher
“Critical Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice; The Solution to Improving Business”

Reading, interpreting and using science to improve business be an evidence-based practitioner.

  • “Primary care physicians reported a ‘lack of knowledge’ was a barrier to promoting and counselling patients about strength training” (Abramson, et al., 2000)
  • Scientifically proven benefits of Resistance Training:
  • “Resistance training reduces the risk of all-cause mortality” (Winett & Carpinelli, 2000; Ruiz, et al., 2008; Artero, et al., 2011)
  • Consider WHERE you read research – for best results go straight to the article!

Read it for yourself, be critically evaluative & be an Evidence-Based Practitioner 

Scott Gass Head Shot SM

Scott Gass
“How to Keep Motivated and Committed when Motivation Fades”

  • Learn the 3 actions you absolutely must take to be successful in the fitness industry
  • Destroy the obstacles that are dramatically limiting your true potential..
  • Master a proven method for tripling your referrals in any interaction.
  • Inspire strong leadership! Develop an unshakable, unstoppable mindset that will give you the competitive advantage in your industry.
  • How to Master your emotional state and transfer a feeling of confidence and certainty to your clients, which will improve clients success.

Phil Kaplan Head Shot SM

Phil Kaplan
“Can Personal Trainers Cure Dis-ease?”

You’ll learn:

  • How to tap into the most opportune market our industry has ever seen
  • How adjustments in language and presentation can magnetically attract clients in need, clients who might never have considered personal trainers as true facilitators of health improvement
  • How a new strategy backed by indisputable science allows for reductions in inflammation, improvements and escalations in aerobic capacity and VO2 max, and unprecedented change in recovery in a matter of minutes each day
  • How to monetize your career so you build financial security
  • The 5 nutritional lessons that are MUSTS to begin dis-ease reversal in 21stcentury North America

This session will require an open mind, a willingness to stretch, and the questioning of old limiting paradigms.  It is for the ambitious, the adventurous, the passionate, and those willing to break a few barriers to find their rightful place in the field.

Dave Magrogan Head Shot SM

Dave Magrogan
“Why Walk When you can Charge?”

In this Rhino keynote, Dave charges you to:

  • Shift negative emotions, clear the clutter, and replace it with six inch skin and a Rhino Attitude.
  • Activate your Rhino Intelligence in leading, creating, and executing your goals.
  • Understand the science behind the subconscious mind to better access its full Rhino Power.
  • Learn the secrets behind the Laws of the Jungle and Rapid Goal Achievement.
  • Mastermind with other Rhinos and enjoy the satisfaction of leaving with an action plan to your Positive Rhino Future.

Eddie Tock Head Shot SM

Eddie Tock

  • Learn the 3 Agendas of Change – How to Transform your Business!
  • Leadership behavior: Research shows that improving this has more impact on your company performance than any other investment.
  • Developing everyone one your staff to lead in their area is a powerful tool to drive that culture as a competitive distinction.
  • Understand what 2 components are more important than strategy 





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